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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frosted Black Bottom Cupcakes

I was really craving a thick slice of cheesecake.  But I didn't feel like going through the process of going to the grocery store, making the cheesecake, then waiting 8 hours or so for it to chill!  So I decided the cream cheese part of these cupcakes would have to satisfy my cheesecake craving!

I had posted these on my blog quite some time ago, so I will put the link for the recipe below.

Moist and delicious!

Even better with a swirl of mocha frosting!  Chocolate frosting would be great too!

Just another way to decorate them!

Sometimes there is nothing like old classics you grew up eating!

I prefer these cupcakes chilled!  

Here is the link for the recipe: 

The recipe is called Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes 
(also known as Black Bottom Cupcakes)

Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. Looks yummy! Reminds me of cream cheese brownies, my fav!

  2. My mom used to make these. So yummy!

  3. I grew up with these too:) Yummy!! I think I just might make them today:)~Elisa


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